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Author Steven Dunne at a booksigningSteven left Rhodesway School in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1976 after taking A-levels. He graduated from the University of Kent in 1979 and, after taking a year’s Post Graduate Certificate in Education at St Mary’s College in Twickenham, he undertook a variety of jobs in London, including Public Relations Consultant, freelance Journalist and supply teacher.

He wrote occasional articles for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent while working on various writing projects including his own brief career in stand-up comedy. During this time he co-wrote a comedy pilot for Channel 4 entitled Not Enough Poodles but, unfortunately it fell at the final commissioning hurdle. He wrote the Book for the award-winning Latchmere Theatre Christmas pantomime of Hansel and Gretel in 1989.

In 1988, he began teaching English in Croydon before moving to Derby in 1996, where he began to think about writing a novel.

After being turned onto thrillers by Thomas Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs, he realised that most thrillers failed to deliver their promised exitement, so in 2007, after spending two fruitless years marketing the novel to the publishing industry, Steven self-published Reaper, a thriller about a serial killer who strikes in Derby. It sold over 1500 copies in the East Midlands and in 2008, and received very encouraging reviews. Harper Collins bought the rights and The Reaper was released internationally in 2009.

A sequel, The Disciple, was released in August 2010. Both books were critically acclaimed. He signed a publishing deal at Headline to release the next DI Brook thriller Deity, which released in June 2012.


killing moonHis fourth novel, The Unquiet Grave, was published in 2013 and his latest book, the fifth in the DI Brook series, A Killing Moon, will be published in May 2015. You can pre-order a copy of A Killing Moon, or buy any of Steven’s novels by clicking on the links below:

The Reaper

The Disciple


The Unquiet Grave

Cover of The Unquiet Grave, published July 4, 2013A Killing Moon

11 thoughts on “Steven’s bio”

  1. Geoffrey Dunn said:

    Just read the unquiet grave. The first of yours I have ever read. Pretty damn good but at 86, I had a job to remember all the characters. I selected it from our local library because of your name. My eldest son is Steven Dunn (We could not afford the ‘E’ though) I am going to get another from the library tomorrow – book not a son.

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for the kind words about The Unquiet Grave. Sorry you had a bit of trouble keeping track but I do like my readers to work hard so I always throw in plenty of twists and corkscrew endings. Hope you enjoy the next book and let me know how you get on with it.

  2. absolutely love your books! started with The Reaper … now tucked into The Unquiet Grave … and ordered all the remaining titles. Cannot wait for them to arrive! best wishes from hungary 🙂

    • reapersteven said:

      Cheers mimilux
      Really glad you like the books and my work has spread to Hungary. Let me know what you think of The Unquiet Grave.

      • hi steven 🙂 another LOVE one! .. i read all of your books in the meantime and they are all.. page turners! 🙂 def am a great fan of yours and DI Brook

  3. Ellen Sherwood said:

    Hello Stephen
    could you tell me how i contact you about a book group visit please? we have just read the Unquiet Grave and all our book group loved it and would love you to visit us.


  4. Hi Steven

    Just on the phone to my mum who is reading your book A Killing Moon. Realised you were born in Bradford and resemble some of our family members. Are you related to my mum’s cousins Dennis and Derek Dunne? One of whom used to own The Second West pub. Would be interesting to find out, not a stalker just enjoying the book and got us thinking. Looking forward to reading your others. Thanks!

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Eve
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. No, I’m sorry I don’t think we’re related. Don’t know the pub I’m afraid. Happy reading.

  5. On your third book now Steven, Deity. Loving the series. Love hearing about places I know very well. We keep our horse in Borrowash. Keep up the good work.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Sarah. Good to know I have so many enthusiastic local readers. Borrowash features heavily in the new DI Brook thriller, The Resurrection. It is the final instalment of the Reaper trilogy and will be be released as an ebook and paperback in August 2020. Watch this space.

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