Welcome to the website of best-selling and now award-winning Derby author Steven Dunne.

Steven’s new DI Damen Brook thriller, Death Do Us Part, is now out on kindle and paperback and is receiving rave reviews and currently has a 4.9 star average. Reviewer Jay T called it a, “remarkable and unforgettable tale.” See Amazon Death us do part

In the sixth book of the series, Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re-connecting with his daughter Terri. But with her heavy drinking proving a challenge, Brook takes the opportunity to visit a local murder scene where an elderly couple have both been shot through the heart.

Brook believes that he can catch the ruthless killer, but, already distracted by Terri’s problems, is he about to make a fatal mistake and lead the killer right to his own door?

This much anticipated follow-up to A Killing Moon was launched at Waterstones in Nottingham on April 30th. Below is the link to film of the event where Steven reads the opening chapter and talks about self-publishing his first novel.


A Killing Moon is still available in all good bookshops and online retailers, including Amazon. A mesmerising novel, A Killing Moon, sees DI Brook confronted with kidnap, torture and murder in an intricately plotted crime thriller. In addition, A Killing Moon recently won the prestigious East Midlands Book Award for 2016.

To date, the book has a 4.8 star average and a host of fantastic reviews on Amazon. 

You can enjoy A Killing Moon even if you haven’t read the previous Brook novels – although, of course, we’d love you to read them all! The response from reviewers and readers alike has been fantastic.

Here’s what book reviewer Liz Wilkins had to say: ‘So a 5th outing for DI Damen Brook then, one of my favourite literary detectives and this one packed a hell of a punch – straight into the action, no time to breathe and off we went.’

Helen Boyce said, “As with all of the DI Damen Brook books, A Killing Moon could be read as a stand alone but you would be depriving yourself of the pleasure of reading the first four brilliant stories and knowing more about what makes Brook and his team tick – so treat yourself and read all five in order 🙂

An absolute unreserved 5 stars – such a clever, clever book – Just read it!!”

Lynda Deutrom said, “Wow, wow and wow! There really is not much else to say.
Having read the four previous instalments in the Damen Brook series it is fair to say that I was already looking forward to this release.”

Sandra Foy said, “This is a fantastic read, it starts off at a pace and is relentless throughout. If you like your thrillers dark and deep you’ll love this. I have no idea how this author is not more widely known, on this showing he is right up there with Jo Nesbo and Stuart MacBride.”

Over on Amazon, the overwhelming majority of readers gave the fourth book in the series, The Unquiet Grave, glowing reviews.  Here’s a selection:

This really is high-end crime writing, excellently constructed and throwing enough red herrings around to both challenge and thrill the reader.

Top 100 reviewer, Lincs Reader

The Unquiet Grave’ has all the required ingredients of a great crime thriller. It’s gritty, exciting, has lots of twists and turns and some very shocking revelations indeed. It really kept me guessing and the result wasn’t what I expected. I can tell that Steven Dunne has given lots of thought to this book. I recommend it to fans of crime fiction.

Sonya Kemp, London

Remarkable book well worth avoiding life, eating and sleeping to finish. Be prepared for late nights as you won’t want to put it down! One of those books you don’t want to finish so that it’s not over. When you get to the last page you want more. Lucky those of you who have the back catalogue to catch up with and for those of us up to date we are left to nag the author on Facebook to write faster!


It’s dark, gritty, chilling and the crimes committed are some of the darkest you can imagine.

What I like most was the twist and turns throughout the book, some I was left reeling with shock. They quite literally caught you off guard, signs of a writer who knows exactly what he is doing.

This is an author I will certainly be looking out for in the Future. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be kept up all night and chilled to the bone.

Mrs Victoria

90 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Phil Shelton said:

    Just finished reading The Unquiet Grave. Another terrific book in the Brook series. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Phil. Really pleased you liked it.


      • Linda Ogilvie said:

        Hi Steven.am writing to you from Perth Western Aus, i have recently returned home from a trip to Bali where i picked your book The Reaper from the hotel library and read the full book in 4 days on a sunlounger, i wouldnt move go anywhere or even talk to my husband until i had finished it! I really enjoyed it and liked your writing it kept me involved and interested, I have taken it to Perth with me and now my husband is reading it and loving it not to mention ignoring me to read! I see you have written more books and i will get them as soon as i can. You are an amazing writer and im a hard to please reader, if im not hooked in the first 10 or so pages i give up, i was hooked on page one! Kind Regards. Linda Ogilvie Perth Wa.

      • Steve Dunne said:

        Hi Linda. Great to hear from you and I’m pleased to see my Australian fan club is growing by the day. I’m glad you liked The Reaper and hope you’ll enjoy my other books. I’m confident you will. Have a great year and thanks for not mentioning the cricket. Can’t wait to get back to your wonderful country – I have relatives in Brisbane – for another visit.

      • Phil Shelton said:

        Hi Steve
        Just finished Death do us part on holiday in La Gomera.
        Another terrific story which kept me guessing until the very good ending. Looking forward to the next in the series.
        Phil Shelton

  2. HI

    Just read my first Steven Dunne novel – The Unquiet Grave, (after meeting the author in Waterstones who persuaded me to buy it!) – brilliant read, couldn’t put it down, will certainly be purchasing the others

  3. Steve Dunne said:

    Thank you so much Pam. Glad you liked it. I hope you’ll spread the word.

  4. I just finished my first Steven Dunne novel, the Unquiet Grave too Pam. I haven’t met the author, (we live in Australia), but really loved the book. I also couldn’t put it down and was blown away by all the twists and turns. What a great read!! Now to start on the Reaper (with two more to follow). Love it when you find a great author and find out they’ve written more books. Yay!

  5. The unquiet grave is a masterpiece. It is riveting and compelling, being an avid reader with a particular interest in thrillers/crime novels, I can honestly say this is one of the strongest reads of them all at present.
    Only downside to such a fabulous book is having to wait until Steven Dunne writes the next in the Brooke series!!
    Also would be grateful if anyone can tell me where I can purchase a copy of the other books in the series other than the first as I am having trouble locating copies- thankyou and thankyou again Steven Dunne! :-D.

    • I also had the honour of meeting Steven Dunne in waterstones, Bradford west yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and what a lovely, humble man with bucket loads of talent!
      I just look forward to further novels being published in the not too distant future

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Laura. Thank you for those very complimentary words. I’m glad you liked The Unquiet Grave. My other books are all available on Amazon and other internet sites but if you prefer to use Waterstone’s they should be able to order them. You might have problems locating The Reaper as it’s out of print and my previous publisher has no incentive to reverse that situation. However Amazon does have a healthy trade in second hand copies. Thanks again.

  6. Excellent Reading – More please

  7. Well, I first read the Reaper and found it to be a very deep book with many levels to keep you interested. I wouldn’t have hoped that the other three books to follow suit, but there you go! Very enjoyable (?) and here’s hoping Damen Brook will reappear after his exploits in The Unquiet Grave. I’m going for a lie down now…

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Thank you Sally. So pleased you enjoyed my work. A Killing Moon is close to completion and should be out later in the year. 🙂

  8. Patricia Bullock said:

    Steve, I don’t know if you remember, but we met at Waterstones, Derby, in December 2012. I was home for Christmas from CT, America, where I now live and you encouraged me to buy one of your books. I bought the three you had written and you very kindly signed them all for me. I have just finished reading”The Unquiet Grave which I purchased last year on my visit to England for Christmas. The is your best yet and I love the way you weave previous books into the new one. Your characters are totally believable and since I was born and bred in Derby, your locations bring back lots of memories. Keep writing, I love your books…sincerely….Pattie Bullock

  9. Denise Kalwarczyk said:

    Have been enjoying reading The Unquiet Grave, great to find a new detective and look forward to further. I was a bit disconcerted that the some of your characters are already living in care or seem to be on their last legs in their early 60’s; is that really true to life? Most people of that age still have to work for a living, your characters seem only fit for the grave. Just a comment, will not prevent me reading more, but has detracted from the story for me,

  10. am half way through The Reaper, am totally hooked, cant wait to read the rest! was only by chance that I picked up The Reaper in a second hand book shop and am glad that I did….because now the rest of your books are on my hit list!

  11. Jim Marsden said:

    Like Isy I bought The Reaper in a second hand shop and really couldn’t put it down. But there again I live in Derby so I might be seen to have a vested interest. I will lobby the local library for more.
    On a more local note in the late 1940s I attended Springfield Junior School in Spondon, Derby and remember with some pleasure a teacher called Mrs Dunne who, I believe, lived in Station Road in Borrowash. This is too much of a coincidence for me – you must be related. I hope so!

    all the best


    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Jim. Glad you liked The Reaper. My other books should all be available to your local library so thanks for asking them to stock it. I know the central library stocks all my work but it’s often booked out for obvious reasons. 😉 I should tell you my new DI Brook novel, A Killing Moon, will be out in the spring.

  12. Sarah Hudson said:

    I came across “The Reaper” in Waterstones ,Derby and now I m hooked.Can t wait to read the next three installments.Best crime novel I ve read in a long time!
    Thanks Mr Dunne

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Sarah. Thanks a lot for those kind words. Glad you enjoyed The Reaper. I think you’ll find my other three books equally enjoyable. Hope so.

  13. Housemate’s got me the unquiet grave for my birthday last year, being dyslexic I hate reading books for the first time, however this had me gripped! Resulted in some very tired days at work due to staying up until 2am as I couldn’t put it down! Definitely up there with the likes of Martin Cole and Lynda La Plante. Absolutely Brilliant.

  14. Dear Steven, I’ve never read a crime novel before, and so when Unquiet Graves caught my eye on the display stand of my local London library, I was intrigued and delighted to find it was set in the place I grew up in — not only the general area, but the very spot — with a victim walking towards my road, a suspect off to my local pub, and a body found in the lake where I walked when my children were young. I rushed straight on to Deity (and yes, like other readers, read late into the night), and will now have second thoughts about taking the cut through to the playing fields where the rather nasty bullying took place. Until recently I had cause to visit often, and so walked my dog there. The only quibble I had was that we called the estate “The Brisbane Road Estate”, not “The Brisbane Estate”, but minor indeed, and perhaps the terminology has changed over the years anddecades. I look forward to the next one.
    with best wishes

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Cathy, Thank you so much for getting in touch and sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I’m under the cosh of a deadline for Book 6 of the DI Brook series. I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed the books so far and hope you’ll try other crime fiction in future (after you’ve read the Brook series of course. :))

  15. Lorna O'Rourke said:

    Hi Steven
    The unquiet grave is the first of your books I’ve read, it won’t be the last!!!
    I brought it after meeting and talking to you at your signing in Derby on Saturday 16th may and finished it by Sunday night!!! I couldn’t put it down!

    Thank you for a great book

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Lorna, I’m so glad you enjoyed The Unquiet Grave, I’m very proud of it. And thanks for saying you’ll read more about DI Brook and the cases he has to solve. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll be signing for the paperback in August at Derby Waterstones (15th) so pop in and say hi.

  16. great book great characters

  17. David Riley said:

    Just finished reading “A Killing Moon”, certainly the best one yet. As someone born & bred in Derby I can associate with the places you mention (however disguised !) and really appreciate the accuracy of the local connections. Congratulations – can’t wait for the next one.

  18. Rosie Ward said:

    I have just finnished reading “The Unquiet Grave” which was exciting and well written.
    I was not a fan of the author referring to so many of his characters over the age of 55 years eg Teddy Mullen and over 60 years eg Amelia Stanforth and Brendan Mclearly as “the old man”” “, the old girl “and “old ma’s face” respectively etc and for others as old people.
    As a busy, active over 65 I found these references lrather unsympathetic.

  19. Jessica said:

    I bought The Reaper in a charity shop on a whim, definitely one of the best things I have done! Every book has been one that I can’t put down

    • Steve Dunne said:

      What a lovely thing to say Jessica. Thank you. I’m currently working on Book 6, Death Do Us Part.

  20. will you pls post your books in order?

    • reapersteven said:

      The order is Reaper, Disciple, Deity, Unquiet Grave, Killing Moon and Death Do Us Part. Hope you enjoy them.

  21. robert bruce said:

    Steve just finished the unquiet grave thank you mate for the best read for many a long day it was superior writing and so moresome good luck and best wishes for the future your sth aussie fan Rob

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Mate, thank you for that glowing review. So glad you liked the book and hope you’ll try my new book just released over here. A Killing Moon. It’s getting rave reviews in England. Thanks again, Robert.

  22. Enjoying “Deity”, but traffic cones leave square marks.

  23. Just read the unquiet grave after reading deity (in German) and I have to say these two books are by far the best I’ve read in a while. Can’t wait for the next to come. Warm Regards from Germany – Susan

    • Steve Dunne said:

      Thank you Susan. That means a lot. Good to know my German fan club is growing. A Killing Moon and Death Do Us Part have been pre-sold for publication to Berlin Verlag so watch this space. 🙂

  24. I’m almost at the end of A Killing Moon. I don’t want it to end so have only allowed myself to read it on the way to work – it’s turned my commute into a treat – no mean feat!…. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have DI Damen Brook back in my life, sigh… Please put my mind at rest by telling me your are already penning the next instalment :))

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Duggan. Thank you for those kind words. And Death Do Us Part is finished and ready for publication next year. Currently working on Brook 7.

  25. met you when you were signing your books in Loughborough. never read any of your books but I mentioned I had met my favourite author Lee Childs the other week but I said I would try your latest book. Brilliant book really loved it as it brought my some childhood memories.my granny lived in a little village in Leics and her next door neighbours were Mr and Mrs Ostrowski and there 5 children. My granny was Polish to and the book just reminded me so much of the family that I had forgotten. Will definitely read all your books Grace x

  26. David Hammond said:

    Hi Steven. Just finished reading A Killing Moon which you kindly signed for me in Nottingham Waterstone’s recently (you also recommended Kolymsky Heights which I’m going to read next). I confess I’d never heard of you or the book but I thoroughly enjoyed it – a real page turner, lots of local interest and a telling account on religious extremism. I will definitely be seeking out your other books involving DI Damen Brook – the kind of anti-hero I like! Thanks, David

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi David
      Great news. Maybe I’ll see you in the store at the end of April (the 30th) for the launch of Death Do Us Part, the 6th DI Brook thriller. 🙂

  27. Adele Wood said:

    Hello Steven, loving the DI Brook, books, I’m on the Deity at the moment, so working my way through, totally hooked, I lived in Allestree for a long time and now north Derbyshire, so I keep trying to figure out all the places you refer to! Great stuff

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Adele
      Thanks for getting touch and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work. Book 6 is released next month. 🙂

  28. Jan Richardson said:

    Am enjoying “The Unquiet Grave” but found the portrayal of Amelia in the Nursing Home more like that of a 90 year old than a 64 year old. Very dated.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Jan
      Thanks for getting in touch. Your point is well taken but I hope with finishing the book you’ll have discovered that not all is what it seems. Thank you for reading my work.

  29. Sharon adcock said:

    Hello,could you tell me would the new paper back of death do us park,will it be in the shops on the 25th August (Derby water stones) or would I be better ordering it online .I would like it before the 1st sept to take on holiday.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Sharon. So sorry I missed this message and I hope you secured a copy of Death Do Us Part for your holiday.

      • Sharon adcock said:

        Yes thank you ,I did manage not to start reading until I got on the plane,now ready for the next one.(that’s hoping there is one)

  30. We are reading The Unquiet Grave in our book group at the moment and I think it is tremendous ! Loving all the twists, red herrings and the skillful building of plot and tension. Not quite finished it yet but I will today. I’ll definitely be reading all the other books.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Julie. Sorry not to have got back to you sooner but I’ve been immersed in trying to finish a novel and not having a deadline makes it that much harder. I hope your group enjoyed The Unquiet Grave and felt motivated to read others in the series. Please spread the word if you liked it. Merry Christmas to you all and happy reading.

  31. Just finished the Unquiet Grave. What a fantastic book, i was hooked from start to finish. Unfortunately i only realised it was part of series after getting half way through but still loved it as a stand alone book. Look forward to catching up with the other books in the series even if a bit out of sequence.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Martin. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Unquiet Grave, I’m very proud of it even though it didn’t sell very well. By now I assume you’ve read others in the series and I hope you enjoyed them just as much. Merry Christmas and please spread the word far and wide as I’m out of contract and hoping to secure a publisher for the final part of the Reaper trilogy, The Resurrection.

  32. Dail Seaman said:

    Are you writing another book in the near future

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Dail. Sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection. I’ve finally completed it and sent it off to my agent, although I don’t yet have a publisher willing to take it on. Hopefully that will change and we’ll have a publishing date for 2019. I hope you’re up to date with the series and please spread the word. A very merry Christmas to you and yours…

  33. Matthew Hutchings said:

    Hi, currently reading the latest instalment of the DI Brooks series – To death do us part. The content as usual is fantastic. Having leaved in the Derby area since 1989 I loved the way Steven describes where everything is taking place. The description of the body left on Allestree park was made me feel I was there. I know the walk from Hartington well & also the George in Alstonfield. Fantastic, thanks.
    I do have a question. In the latest book Brook says to Noble that he thinks Terri might have gone to the Duke. Please help me, which Duke is being applied here.
    Thanks again, great books.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Matthew. Thanks for reading my work and sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection. I’ve finally completed the story and sent it off to my agent, although I don’t yet have a publisher so spread the word about my books and hopefully stoke demand. Fingers crossed for 2019. And thanks for those lovely comments about my writing. Glad I could bring the area alive for you. The Duke is actually The Devonshire Arms and some Hartington residents call it that for short. Merry Christmas and please spread the word about my books…

  34. Deborah Billett said:

    Just finished Death do us Part. Have been a fan since The Reaper. Wondering if there will be another DI Brooks book soon?

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Deborah. Thanks for reading all my books, Deborah, and sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection. It’s taken longer than usual because I lost my publishing deal and am not working to a deadline. I’ve finally completed it and sent it off to my agent, so fingers crossed for a publisher. Merry Christmas and please spread the word…

  35. Martin Saunders said:

    Just finished the whole series this summer. Is there a new book in the series coming out/They’re terrific. thanks

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Martin. You’ve been busy. Thanks for reading my work and sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection, and have sent it off to my agent, although I don’t yet have a publisher for it. Fingers crossed it will be picked up for 2019. Merry Christmas and please spread the word…

  36. Hi Steven I am enjoying your books. I am just about to finish Deity so this morning I bought The Unquiet Grave from Derby Waterstones. My wife Kay met Carmel at the Village Street pottery class about 3 years ago (Kay says hi). Carmel recommended your books for me to try. What a great recommendation Carmel!
    I am really enjoying the books Steven. Thank you for a great read and I’m looking forward to the next one.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Duncan
      Thanks for reading my work and sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection. I’ve finally completed the story and sent it off to my agent, although I don’t yet have a publisher willing to take it on so spread the word about my books and hopefully stoke demand. Fingers crossed for 2019. Hope you liked The Unquiet Grave, I’m very proud of it. And maybe my last 2 books will be in your stocking for Christmas. Carmel is a great supporter of my work and shamelessly tells everyone about it so thanks for believing her. LOL. Merry Christmas and please spread the word…

      • Hi Steven, thanks for the update on your work and I hope you get a publisher soon so that we can all read that final part of The Reaper trilogy.
        I thoroughly enjoyed The Unquiet Grave and have since also read A Killing Moon. I’ve got Death Do Us Part on my Christmas list. I can’t put your books down once I’ve started!
        All the best to you and Carmel for Christmas & the New Year

  37. Stephen: where are you???? Why no new book?? I love this series and the last one was simply BRILLIANT. Please tell me there’s a new one on the way…

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Louise
      Thanks for reading my work and sorry not to have got back to you sooner. I’ve been immersed in trying to finish the final part of the Reaper trilogy, entitled The Resurrection. I’ve finally completed the story and sent it off to my agent, although I don’t yet have a publisher willing to take it on so spread the word about my books and hopefully stoke demand. With luck it will be available in 2019.

      • Chrystal Ocean said:

        Am stunned you don’t have publishers banging on your door! Have read your first five, and am now reading, your latest Damon Brook novel. You draw your characters superbly and the mysteries are truly that. What I appreciate most is the realism. Not everything gets resolved. Untidy bits are always left. Now that’s real.

        By the way, I use Goodreads to keep track of my reading. Each one of your books I have rated 4 or 5 stars.

      • reapersteven said:

        Thanks for that ringing endorsement and hope you’re enjoying Death Do Us Part. Yes, unfortunately, publishing is not always about quality. It shouldn’t be the case but sometimes you need to be in the right place at the right time and, dare I say it, know the right people to get your work known to a wider audience which is what really drives publisher interest. So, please spread the word about my books far and wide and, if you have time pop a review or two onto Amazon, which helps keep sales and interest ticking over. Upward and onward. Steve 🙂

      • Stephen,

        If you’re still looking for a publisher – Bloodhound Books have said they are VERY open to a submission by you!
        They know your quality and fanbase…
        Just an idea!

        Good luck

        Lou x

  38. Hello Steven,
    I read The Reaper last summer after I’ve found it in the flat I just moved into and I have to say what a hidden gem. The book was brilliant so I had to know the further stories of Brook and it became my favourite crime series. I just finished Death Do Us Apart and I really hope it isn’t the last book about DI Brook.

  39. Hello Steven,
    I’ve just finished reading all your Damen Brooks books. I actually started with Death do us part and got hooked and made my way backwards so The Reaper’s the last one I read.
    I’ve rated them all five stars on Goodreads (I think Harry Potter’s the only other book series I gave five stars to all the books). I generally like reading murder mysteries and thrillers for fun but I think Damen Brook might be my favourite fictional detective and I really hope you get to release more books soon.
    By the way, I thought you’d be happy to know that you’ve got fans even in a tiny country like Croatia (that’s where I’m from).
    All the best and thanks for the wonderful books!

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Duje. Greetings to you in Croatia, a country I’ve been meaning to visit. Thank you for your glowing reviews of my work. If only I had half of JK Rowling’s sales I could write more Reaper novels. The Resurrection, the final part of the Reaper trilogy, will be be released as an ebook in August 2020. Watch this space.

  40. Alex Fitzpatrick said:

    A brilliant set of novels with such a complex and compelling list of characters goodies and baddies, hope there will be more.

    • reapersteven said:

      Hi Alex. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoy my work. The Resurrection, the final part of the Reaper trilogy, will be be released as an ebook in August 2020.

      • So happy to learn of your upcoming Reaper finale, The Resurrection! The Reaper, imv, is one of the best all-time suspense/thriller/mystery series in contemporary fiction. Fantastic characters and character development, no neat implausible finishes. I think what I appreciate most is your NOT tying all the loose ends, which suggests you’ve respect for your readers’ intelligence. Can’t stand it when authors engage in repetitive mention of purported elusive facts.

      • reapersteven said:

        Thank you for those lovely comments Chrystal. The Resurrection will be out on ebook on August 13th and is available to pre-order NOW for only 99p or free to KU subscribers. Give you a chance to reprise the first two books. 😉

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