The Reaper

Cover of The Reaper, by Stephen DunneA damaged detective and a brutal serial killer collide in Steven Dunne’s nail-biting debut.

The novel introduces us to Detective Inspector Damen Brook. A once high-flying detective from London’s Metropolitan Police, Brook has fled to the relative peace of the Peak District in an attempt to put his past behind him.

But that broken past follows Brook to Derbyshire and, one winter’s night, he is confronted by a serial killer he hunted many years before: The Reaper, a man who slaughters whole families and then disappears without trace.

As Brook becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, he is forced to face down his own demons by revisiting the previous investigation and confronting a past that destroyed his family and nearly cost him his life.

Closer Magazine described The Reaper as ‘well written and superbly plotted,’ while other reviewers said:

‘Great characterisation and natural sounding dialogue’

‘I loved the gritty realism and the characters.  The pacing is spot on too’

You can buy a copy here: The Reaper

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