The Disciple

Cover of The Disciple, by Steven DunneDI Brook thought the nightmare was over- but the Reaper has left behind a horrifying legacy … A nail-shredding thriller for fans of Thomas Harris.

When an accidental drowning is found to be murder, Brook’s past relationship with the victim makes him the prime suspect. A fact made worse when he receives a chilling message urging him to continue the work of the serial killer The Reaper, the deranged vigilante who had previously terrorised the UK. 

When a copycat murder on a Derby estate surfaces shortly afterwards, Brook is left with no alternative but to reopen the case – and to find a serial killer he knows is already dead. But as Brook delves deeper, he unearths the secrets behind a series of savage murders stretching back to 1975. Terrifyingly, it seems that The Reaper’s influence has inspired a new band of willing disciples …

You can buy a copy of The Disciple here: The Disciple

6 thoughts on “The Disciple”

  1. joan diane burlingham said:

    wow just read the reaper got unquite grave first but then realised i had the reaper fantastic had to prioritise housework ha ha great writer good as alex grey elle griffin i live in ngaruawahia new zealand i have to get the other books now good luck happy writing diane burlingham.

  2. I often feel that Derby is a forgotten city on many levels and whilst I would not like events in these page turning,great books to happen in my city, there is some vicarious pleasure in reading the names of places I know. Please don’t transfer Damen Brooks.

  3. Steven Dunne said:

    Hi Rosie. Thanks for your support. So many people in Derby tell me they really identify with the events in my books because they can picture the streets on which they take place. Glad you like my work.

  4. I dont’ read book very often… but when i start reading a great book I can’t stop. I just finished your Book “The Reaper” (German translation) a few days ago. I was searching for the next Book “The Disciple” as German translation too but I recognized there isn’t a German translation! Now I don’t know if I should continue with the two newer Books…. maybe there will be a German translation of the “The Disciple”… 🙂

    Thank your for the great Book!


    • Steve Dunne said:

      Hi Luca. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’m afraid there is no translation of The Disciple yet but it doesn’t affect the two latest books to be released in German, Deity (Abgott) available now and The Unquiet Grave, which is due for release later in the year. Both are standalones and can be read out of sequence. So glad you liked The Reaper and hope you will read and enjoy the rest of my work. Best wishes.


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